Cut from curriculum

Judeo-Christianity, the Alamo and the removal of important female figures — the Texas State Board of Education’s committee hearings may be the most...

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Non-profit to combat cycle of poverty

A 15-year-old boy roams the streets of a new country. His future looks hopeful, considering he just fled his home in Vietnam after...

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These are a few of my favorite things (pens)

With the exception of one of my classes, I tend to subscribe to the age-old practice that handwriting notes is much better than...


The Race for Texas

Highlights from the Sept. 30 gubernatorial debate   ABBOTT •   Abbott said Texas needs a block grant. •   He supports increased spending on...

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UNIV 1010 lightens work load, spares wallet

UTD’s freshman orientation course, previously titled RHET 1101, is now free of charge, will not affect students’ GPAs and has no projects, papers...


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