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New ATEC coffee bar attracts students

At mid-morning on Thursday, ATEC is still fairly quiet. Suddenly, from under the big staircase, there comes a tiny puff of steam. A...

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TIPA Adventures

This past weekend, UTD Student Media went to San Antonio for the second year in a row to attend the Texas Intercollegiate Press...

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10 types of people you find at Starbucks

Coffee shops are the social hub of society. They’re a great meeting place for for a variety of people from old friends to...

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Coffee: good or bad?

“Drinking coffee could help protect your DNA from damage,” is the latest of several headlines that seem to make their way into my...

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Fourteen Eighteen offers perfect mix of good coffee, relaxation

So a couple weeks ago, I admitted that I’m a total coffee snob. The other thing I’m a complete sucker for is a...

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Chemex brewing offers coffee enthusiasts a different taste

As a journalist and graduate student, coffee is like an old friend. It’s hard to imagine that about four years ago, I couldn’t...


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