10 types of people you find at Starbucks


Coffee shops are the social hub of society. They’re a great meeting place for for a variety of people from old friends to classmates to even awkward first dates. Here are 10 types of people you’ll probably find at your local Starbucks.


1. The Hard-Core Student
Characterized by the stack of books and papers next to them, the hard-core student is usually too absorbed in their studies to notice everyone else around them. They probably ordered a venti cup of something that they’ve been sipping on for the last several hours.

2. The Study Group
The study group is usually a group from the local university who really just need a place to gather and study together. They probably all ordered a tall cup of something or some pastry to munch on as they work. They can also be characterized by the loud amount of talking that will vary from whatever subject they’re studying to whatever the latest campus gossip is.

3. The Skyper/Talker
We’ve all seen them. They’re the one that sit on the couch settled in for a Skype or FaceTime session. Other times they’re just on the phone completely oblivious to or not caring that almost everyone around them can hear their conversation.

4. The Awkward First Date Couple
Whether they met on Tinder or they were set up by a mutual friend, they’re usually at one of the smaller tables off to the side. One person will scan all the tables trying to find this elusive person based on their photo. Once they’ve found each other, it’s awkward hand shakes and hugs and then awkward conversation, but sometimes something sparks between them and a new relationship is budding.

5. The Friends Catching Up
This is also a fairly common phenomena. Whether it’s old high school friends or college buddies, coffee shops are great neutral ground to get reacquainted. Often times these conversations can be awkward with both parties eager to part ways again, or it could be really good and extend to several hours of nostalgia and memories.

6. The Adorable Old Couple
It’s the couple that makes you say, “Awwww,” whenever you see them. Whenever you feel like love is dead, all you have to do is see one of these couples and your faith is instantly restored in humanity, well at least just a little. The same goes for the old man or woman who may be drinking coffee by themselves. We all hope to grow up to be that couple.

7. The Loner
The Loner comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes he or she will take the shape of the awkward person waiting for a friend or just trying to kill time. Other times, it’ll be the person who seeks out solitude for reading a book or the newspaper. Either way, they’re usually off in the corner somewhere trying to go unnoticed.

8. The On-The-Go Professional/Student
I admit I fall into this category more than any of the others. This person is in a rush, usually has a stack of papers or is glued to their smartphone trying to get everything in place for their meeting later that day. This person usually doesn’t have time to sit around and observe the goings-on of those around them. All they can think about is get in and get out.

9. The Coffee Snob
This person is the one who ends up with the $8 cup of coffee. They are very specific that they want an extra shot of espresso and coconut milk. Or sometimes it’s soy milk… with an extra shot of vanilla… and caramel and shaken, not stirred.

10. The Early Morning Athletes
They are probably the reason Starbucks cares to open so early. Well, them and the on-the-go professional. They come into the store in their athletic gear with a thin layer of sweat. They just need a caffeine pick-me-up after their morning workout.

Do you self-identify with any of these couples? What other kind of people do you observe at Starbucks? Or any other coffee shop for that matter? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @utdmercury.


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