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Auxiliary Services renews contract with Chartwells

University officials are working with Chartwells to implement a new eight-year food service contract, with an option to extend it for a full...

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Select Chartwells employees to hold union election in May

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated since its original publication. After a months-long organizing effort, certain Chartwells workers will be able to participate in a May 2 election...

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Cockroaches found in Student Union eatery

Richardson Health Department officials performed a surprise inspection at the Student Union’s Chick-fil-A after a receiving an anonymous complaint and video of cockroaches...

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Chartwells workers allege lack of food safety training

Management claims all associates receive ongoing training during employment Following student concerns about food safety, The Mercury obtained evidence that suggests many Chartwells...


To form a more perfect union

As Americans, we often claim to love democracy while simultaneously not practicing it in one of the most important parts of our lives...

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Chartwells launches feedback platform

In response to a rising number of student suggestions and complaints regarding dining on campus, UTD Dining Services created a messaging portal to...

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Chartwells officials deny worker allegations

Chartwells officials denied allegations of workplace harassment and unfair labor practices at their UT Dallas operation. The allegations, published in the Dec. 3...

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Students report raw, moldy food at on-campus eateries

Richardson Health Department conducts inspections of Dining Hall West, IHOP Express to address numerous complaints A series of posts on UTD’s subreddit featured...

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Food service workers accuse Chartwells management of misconduct

Food service workers accuse Chartwells management of misconduct Editor’s Note: The Mercury’s publication of a Dec. 3 report, in which former and current...

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Chartwells workers move to unionize

Food service workers across campus are seeking to unionize amid allegations of wage withholding, harassment and other unfair labor practices against Chartwells, the...


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