Calis Lim

Life & Arts

New course offerings introduce Comets to religion, Korean language

The upcoming fall semester will bring with it a multitude of new classes including those in religious studies, Korean language and African and...

Life & Arts

‘I’m just glad I can check it off the bucket list: I did a game show’

While some students might spend their Wednesday night at home watching TV, Christian Nevarez – an interdisciplinary studies junior – spent Wednesday, April...

Life & Arts

Social distance makes the heart grow fonder

Due to social distancing measures and generally reduced in-person gatherings, traditional relationship interactions are no longer as feasible, making long-distance relationships more prevalent....

Campus NewsNews

‘Employees are struggling. Residents are struggling.’

Residents of the off-campus apartments at Northside have expressed concerns with facility maintenance, both before and after the pandemic. In a survey conducted...


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