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New patio, offices coming to Lot U

Restrooms, concession stands undergoing upgrades for future building expansions in summer 2019 The concession stands and restrooms near the soccer fields and Lot...

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The dream team

Implementing a football program at UTD will improve the social scene on campus. With the college football season fast approaching, it’s more glaring...


UTD Athletics adds new staff position

With an ever-increasing number of athletes coming to UTD, the athletics department has added its first full-time assistant coach to the strength and...


How important are college sports?

Sports at UTD is radically different from that of other universities. It’s not that there aren’t enough sports, but more like a lack...


Thinking outside of The Box

The UTD Athletics Department added a venue for students to tailgate and watch various outdoor sporting events with new levels of viewing entertainment....


Athletics should expand reach

Staff members in the athletic department staff announced on Twitter that they will dress up in costumes as an incentive to raise money...


Growth in athletics should not be feared

UTD athletics have come a long way from the days of being a doormat for Division III– a change reflected in the university’s...


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