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Man arrested, charged for murder of UTD employee

Frisco Police arrested and charged 63-year-old Robert Moses with the murder of his ex-wife Anna Moses, a UTD employee, on Feb. 26. Moses,...

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Female representation lacking in STEM fields

Students, faculty explain need for participation from girls in computer science, engineering industries, present role models during event Women still lag in science,...

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B-52 bomber helps vets segue into school

Assistant Director, Veteran Services Center Service: 1995 – 2004, currently liaison officer at the Air Force Academy, Reserve Forces Branch: U.S. Air Force...

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Sorority support taught vet civilian survival

Assistant Director, Galerstein Women’s Center Service: 2000 – 2006 Branch: U.S. Air National Guard One of Narcely Ruiz’s earliest memories was watching her...

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Brooklyn native takes pride in Navy experience

Assistant Director, Student Union Service: 1985 – 1989 Branch: U.S. Navy Delvora King grew up in the melting pot of all cultures: New...


Women vets struggle with system

At UTD, there are 600 military-affiliated students and the number is growing, McNeme said. Most veterans require assistance with healthcare services, ways to...

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On the frontlines

Veterans on campus share experiences of women in combat Retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson will visit campus March 26 to speak about...

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Agree to disagree?

Have you ever gone to bed with thoughts whirring through your head, and realized that you can’t shut them out anyway? Activist voices...

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The abnormal “normal”

Normal isn’t really a yardstick by itself. It’s a standard we create based on a stereotype. In conversation, we’ll often hear people saying...


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