Man arrested, charged for murder of UTD employee

Frisco Police arrested and charged 63-year-old Robert Moses with the murder of his ex-wife Anna Moses, a UTD employee, on Feb. 26.

Moses, who has been charged with first-degree murder, has been transported to the Frisco Police Detention Center, a Frisco Police Press release stated. His bond has been set at $1 million.

On Jan. 14, Frisco Police responded to a welfare check from UTD employees who worked with Anna, and found the 43-year old single mother dead in her garage.

Investigators recovered .22 shell casings from her garage and the medical examiner found several .22 caliber bullets in her body during the autopsy.

The case was classified as a homicide and an isolated incident, said Frisco Public Information Officer Chad LaPrelle.

Anna’s light blue 2009 Hyundai was missing and investigators believed it was taken away after her murder, according to the arrest affidavit filed by Frisco Police.

The police interrogated Moses on his whereabouts at the time the murder was thought to have happened, the affidavit stated. Moses told the police he had stayed at home to work on Jan. 13.

Moses gave the police consent to search his residence and analyze guns and magazines from his house that matched the caliber of the weapon used to murder Anna, according to the affidavit.

When Anna’s family came to UTD to collect her belongings from her office, where she worked as assistant director of strategic planning and analysis, they called UTD Police to open a locked drawer. UTD Police found a letter in Russian that they turned in to Frisco Police who in turn sent it to the FBI for translation.

The letter listed the questions Anna had for her divorce attorney, the affidavit stated. It also included a portion that indicated Moses’ intention to kill himself. Anna also wrote that she had heard Moses say he would leave a letter with their son that would blame Anna for his suicide, the affidavit said.

During further interrogations, the police contacted Moses’ office and found that he had not produced any clients since November 2014 and had stopped attending sales meetings a week before Anna’s murder.

Surveillance of Moses’ vehicle allowed Frisco Police to arrest him for not having a front license plate after which they obtained a search warrant for his vehicle.

Several high capacity magazines were found in his car that matched the bullets used to kill Anna, the affidavit stated.

Moses had voluntarily agreed to provide a DNA sample from a bleeding laceration on his finger the day after the murder. The sample matched the DNA samples in the deceased’s car recovered from the crime scene, according to the Frisco Police report.

Moses’ statements, the DNA sample, the high capacity magazines found in his car and the letter provided sufficient grounds for the police to issue an arrest warrant. The arrest was made with the help of the Texas Ranger Division and the United States Marshals.

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