André Averion


‘Bioshock’ film will leave both dedicated fans and new audiences en-Rapture-d

With Netflix announcing plans for a “Bioshock” feature film, I decided to revisit the legendary game series to remind myself of its industry-changing...


Toss More Coins to Your Witcher

“The Witcher” is not the next “Game of Thrones”, but the underlying reason may not be easily apparent: close analysis suggests this show...


Demon Slayer: Riding on the back of game

“Demon Slayer” is using its success to propel itself into the video game market to make as much profit as they can, and...


Will ‘Uncharted’ be full of treasures or questions?

The first trailer of the Unchartedfilm, released recently by Sony Entertainment, was met with controversy surrounding its casting, timeline and possible competition that...


It’s a me … Chris Pratt

Following the reveal of an animated Mario movie at the latest Nintendo Direct, widespread controversy over the cast and studio spread among fans...


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