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Intro to UTD sports

While UTD does not have a football team, there is a plethora of exciting sporting events you can attend during your time here....


Cowboy caffeine fix

Caffeine is a quintessential part of the college experience, and finding a spot you enjoy is just as important. Whether you visit during...

Life & Arts

How to identify campus wildlife

From rows of native wildflowers and buzzing bees to small, scurrying mammals and soaring birds, at UTD, nature and students truly coexist. If...


UTD wins first place in sword fighting tournament

UTD swordsmen clashed blades and brought home first and third-place accolades on April 2 in the second-ever Texas College HEMA Alliance Tournament. UTD’s...


Comet baseball post-midseason

The Comets baseball team is nearly at the end of its season. With 11 wins and seven losses in the Division III American...

Life & Arts

Blue jays come out of hiding for spring

A common sight in American suburbs, blue jays are among the most stunning backyard birds. They have bright blue patterned plumage on their...

Life & Arts

A Day In The Life: Tobor

It’s no secret that students adore the sight of Starship delivery robots on campus, but what exactly do these robots do from the...


Best friends depart from ball life

The Comets celebrated a successful season and paid homage to seniors at the Homecoming game on Saturday, Feb. 18. This senior bunch includes...


Comet Men burn out again to ETBU in ASC championship home stretch

Fresh off a homecoming loss against East Texas Baptist, the Comets faced defeat at the hands of the Tigers at the semifinals, ending...

Life & Arts

How to identify the American Robin

American Robins are among the most common garden birds in North America and have a popular presence in parks and lawns Most know...

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