Oh, for Namesake!

With a last name like Dang, you get to meet a lot of creative people, or at least people who like to think...


Zipcar caters to car-less students

When it came to parking this summer, I was spoiled rotten. My “mornings” consisted of me waking at the crack of noon and...

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A few words from SG’s new leader

When someone asks me how I think these next two semesters will pan out, I immediately think of three words: exciting, busy and...


Beginning of the end: Advice from a senior in his final collegiate year

I guess this is it. Almost two decades of academia culminates as I am a couple semesters and a few more credits away...


Hits, misses as the semester begins

Campus comes back to life during the fall after a slow summer semester, and this year the sense of heightened activity is compounded...


Why I went Greek

Sharing rides, goals with new-found brothers Out of respect for fair recruitment, I have omitted my fraternity’s name from this column. I encourage...

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Lt. Dickson says goodbye

Letter to the Editor My dearest colleagues and friends, It is such an honor to get an opportunity to draft a farewell. It...


Sick reform dialogue needs healing

From the editor’s desk I’d watched the recent health care town hall shenanigans with little interest, annoyed with the amount of attention the...


Students need to see syllabi sooner for purchases, planning

Few students have the luxury of considering full time enrollment with a full-time job. Most juggle work, family and study, meaning planning is...


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