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“How would you want a multimillion dollar donation to the campus to be used?”

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“The first thing would be to  get grants and scholarships for students who want to go to summer classes but don’t have the tuition.”

Francis Ngugi

Electrical engineering junior

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“I would say a better bus service and a bigger computer lab in the Jonsson building.”

Siddharth Sakthadeo

Computer science graduate student

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“I would redo all the buildings.”

Angel Roa

EMAC sophomore

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“I would get a better library and better computer labs.”

Miguel Cortez

Mechanical engineering senior

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“Probably for a a variety of places to eat and little convenience stores.”

Marriam Khan

Software engineering senior


  • I would start a football program. In the future it could lead to a large amount of money for the school as it continues to grow. School spirit and loyalty would increase. But we would have to change the mascot first!

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