Letters to the Editor

From freshman to graduate: Six-year Comet offers advice to newcomers

I first stepped foot on UTD soil in 2007 as an 18-year-old kid with a slight interest in mathematics and computers. At the time, I had only spent three years …
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It’s up to Americans to aid the citizens of Iran

Every day I wake up and I take a thousand things for granted. I forget that not everyone everywhere is free, like I am, to think, say, and do whatever …
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Reader’s Opinion

As a rebuttal to the graphic titled “Human rights are SO two hours ago:” Changing your Facebook profile in order to raise awareness of human rights issues does just that …
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A few words from SG’s new leader

When someone asks me how I think these next two semesters will pan out, I immediately think of three words: exciting, busy and fast.

These words could aptly …
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Lt. Dickson says goodbye

Letter to the Editor

My dearest colleagues and friends, It is such an honor to get an opportunity to draft a farewell. It has been a privilege to serve the …
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