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Macfarlane’s Western comedy misses the mark

Most known for his work on “Family Guy,” Seth MacFarlane’s presence has blown up recently. He has expanded his voice work on “Family...

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Reynolds: Danger lurks in the darkness

Dallas is a city whose face alters with each darker shade of the twilight. Samuel Grand Avenue is menacing at 6:30 p.m. and...

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‘Godzilla’ the best actor in the Gareth Edwards movie

Godzilla, the “King of Monsters,” is back in a “Godzillian” way mesmerizing old seasoned fans and the new generation of kids who will...

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‘Neighbors’ a comedy with heart

“Neighbors” asks millennials what is cool after having a child. How does this generation transition from young adulthood to adulthood. Are late night...

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Concert to showcase Asian rock cultures

The Bangladeshi Student Organization, in collaboration with other student organizations, will perform a rock show at 5:30 p.m. today, May 10, on the Plinth....

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“Cherub” a big electro-anthem party

Electropop duo Cherub stopped by Dallas at the House of Blues on Thursday, May 1 as part of their Blow’d Tour promoting the...

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Japanese culture under the lights

On April 14, the Japanese Student Association took over the Galaxy Rooms for a night of fabulous and awe-inspiring displays of Japanese fashion....

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Jemison promotes gains in space travel

In 100 years or so, human beings may be able to reach new frontiers beyond the solar system because of the efforts of...


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