A Little Party: Homecoming 2014

Connie Cheng
Photo Editor
Andrew Gallegos
Chris Lin
Lina Moon
Linda Nguyen
Sid Patel

A little party never killed nobody at UT Dallas.

From Nov. 11-15, Homecoming brought the campus together with events ranging from a car bash to a parade, wrapping up with a movie-themed dance and casino.

HOMECOMING 5K — Participants braved the cold on Wednesday, Nov. 12 to run the nighttime 5K, decked out in glow-in-the-dark adornments.
PHI GAM CAR SLAM — Students smashed and bashed an old van on Thursday, Nov. 13. The event raised funds for American troops and their families.
HOMECOMING PARADE — Organizations and departments from around campus came together in a parade of custom-designed floats down Rutford Ave. on Friday, Nov. 14. Flag bearers showcased flags of various countries represented at UTD.
HOMECOMING DANCE AND CASINO — UTD goes ‘Back To Classics’ with a homecoming on Saturday, Nov. 15 that brought several classic movies to life. The night ended with the announcement of Homecoming Royalty.

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