Day: August 22, 2022


Faculty responds to tenure threat

The UTD Academic Senate found itself caught between a rock and a hard place when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick threatened to eliminate tenure...



Effective Aug. 22, ATEC & A&H are merging to create one epicenter for the arts on campus: the School of Arts, Humanities, and...


Farage makes apology letter

Following the bulk of the coverage on his initial deleted tweets, Professor Timothy Farage put out the following apology letter on July 25th....


New Athletics Director shooting for growth

Angela Marin made history for the second time this June when she became the first Hispanic woman to become an Athletics Director in...


Federal Deposit Program Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Eugene McDermott Library celebrates 50 years as one of five exclusive Federal Depository Libraries in North Texas, welcoming students to congressional and...

Life & Arts

Eiland at Canyon Creek

One of the most popular shopping malls near campus for food just got a caffeinated upgrade, and it’s the opening of Eiland Coffee...

Life & Arts

“Bullet Train” excites with high-speed action

A network of high-speed railroads used to connect various regions of Japan carries a large volume of passengers daily, encouraging economic growth and...

Life & Arts

“Where the Crawdad Sings” lacks character development

The waters of the marshes are quiet with the exception of the few boats that rev across its surface and the gentle buzz...


Degree plans need to be less complicated

If there’s anything that four years at UTD have taught me, it’s that ECS majors love complaining. But there’s a good reason ECS...


Lights, Camera, Play! Resident Evil Woes

“Resident Evil” needs to stop making live-action adaptations until it actually sits down and plans how to transition what made the games great...


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