Day: December 6, 2021

Life & Arts

Ask Sophie: When should I take a break?

There are two types of students in this world: those who spend their winter break sleeping and exploring the depths of Netflix and...


Comets win international championship in dispute resolution competition

On November 13, a team of Comets claimed the title of world champions for UTD at the International Academy for Dispute Resolution mediation...

Life & Arts

How Russia got turned upside down

Thanks, UTD PD! First of all, for jumping my car battery so I could get home for Thanksgiving. Second, for the officer who...


UTD’s Esports Program Needs More Permanent Support

The UTD Esports team has outgrown the administration’s current support and needs another permanent staff member to keep the program’s momentum going; otherwise,...


Zita provides light-hearted sci-fi fun

Through a whimsical and eye-catching art style, Ben Hatke puts his own twist on the classic hero’s journey in his three-part comic book...


Rewind your fantasy with the dark academia genre

Dark academia is more than just a TikTok trend — it provides a refreshing escape from our technology-obsessed lives as it romanticizes the...

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