Day: February 28, 2021


03 01 21 Issue


Comics: 03/01/21

Life & Arts

Stick(er)ing up for cancer research

Combining the classic pink ribbon with her whimsical drawing style, a neuroscience and healthcare studies freshman is now selling her art to raise...

Life & Arts

Ask Sophie: overcoming imposter syndrome

The college experience is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. While the joys of student success can be easily overshadowed by...


Waste not, want not

While some have argued that the recent popularity of thrifting is problematic, thrifting – when done responsibly – is a more sustainable, affordable...


Letter to the Editor: The Mercury should do better

The Mercury has begun descending into a den of right-wing misinformation. As former editors-in-chief, it is heartbreaking to watch the paper that we...


’You are welcome here’

Members of the UTD LGBTQ+ community weigh in on the continuing discrimination in the workplace, including gender-based dress codes, shortened parental leave and...


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