Day: September 17, 2018


When talent trumps indecency

In light of the recent rise in YouTube apology vidoes and public exposure of celebrity wrongdoings, it’s time to figure out where exactly...


Just skip to the end, already

Online Twitter debates cut down to 280 characters a bite. Snapchat messages that disappear in seconds. Clickbait. Eye-catching, snappy and compact. Condensed news...


Freshman brings skills to men’s soccer

A freshman men’s soccer player was named American Southwest Conference player of the week after scoring four goals in the first two games...


Esports teams prepare for season

With the team rosters filled, the esports program has begun practice and preparations for the rest of the season. A total of 25...

Campus NewsNews

County divide to have implications for elections

Near Franklyn Jenifer Drive, a congressional district line splits the UTD campus in half. This distinction determines which congressional candidate, county judge and...


9/17/18 Solution

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Nuclear spicy noodles: We tried it so you don’t have to

When my news editor, Emaan Bangash, first approached me about joining her recently-established Chew Crew, I was enthusiastic. When she excitedly told me...

Life & Arts

Alumna spearheads theater company

An alumna from the School of Arts and Humanities became the first woman in 47 years to hold a position of artistic leadership...

Life & Arts

Q&A: Hispanic authors

UTD’s Center for Translation Studies hosted authors Daniel Saldana Paris and Eduardo Rabasa for a Monday night event to discuss literature, translation and...

Life & Arts

Taekwondo Club kicks off

During his freshman year, mechanical engineering junior Yoojun Ahn sought out clubs that catered to Korean culture but was disappointed when he didn’t...


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