Day: February 20, 2017

Life & Arts

Documentary examines race relations, black identity

James Baldwin, outspoken African American author and civil rights activist in the late 20th century, wrote extensively on race and white America’s influence...

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‘Miss Julie’ reinvents play with contemporary setting

Love, sex and power all trapped inside a cage — this is perhaps the simplest way to capture the essence of “Miss Julie,”...

Life & Arts

Soul group wows with debut album

Maya Piata, a local singer/songwriter band with lively style, recently released its debut EP, “Sunny Days.” It is composed of five songs, running...

Life & Arts

Q&A: ATEC Dean Anne Balsamo

Q: What are your plans for the ATEC program as its first dean? When an opportunity like this comes up, which is pretty...

Life & Arts

Guitar program expands abroad

In junior high, Enric Madriguera travelled with his father from Connecticut to New York to attend a guitar concert by the famous Andre...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Comet Clash smashes into local gaming scene

What began as a hobby turned into a competitive opportunity to earn rewards and recognition for members of the “Super Smash Brothers” community...

NewsSG Report

SG Report: February 20th

Net ID System SG senator Rahul Sonwalkar of the Technology Committee has finalized the creation of a new Net ID system. Passwords will...

Campus NewsFeaturedNews

New political club to encourage student involvement in elections

A chapter of Texas Rising, a nonpartisan group that advocates for more progressive policy and participation from college students in local elections, was...

Campus NewsFeaturedNews

Marching for progress

A month ago, the Women’s March on Washington amassed over one million marchers in D.C. and over five million protestors worldwide. In the...


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