Day: April 29, 2014

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‘Mold’ in Jonsson only dust buildup

The black crumb-like bits falling from vents in the Jonsson Center are not mold — as some students and professors feared — but...

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New electronics flexible in more ways than one

Cutting-edge circuitry has numerous applications in multiple fields including medicine, homeland security Flexible electronics, with applications from consumer to military, have the potential to improve...

Life & Arts

Japanese culture under the lights

On April 14, the Japanese Student Association took over the Galaxy Rooms for a night of fabulous and awe-inspiring displays of Japanese fashion....

Life & Arts

Jemison promotes gains in space travel

In 100 years or so, human beings may be able to reach new frontiers beyond the solar system because of the efforts of...

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‘Under the Skin’ flick offers art house sci-fi

When a nude Scarlett Johansson starts undressing another woman, it should be titillating and exciting. In the context of “Under the Skin,” the...

Life & Arts

Art Barn hosts electric outfit

For one last hurrah, the Spring Blowout Bash featuring Anamanaguchi marked a milestone for the university and its students. Hosted by Radio UTD...


Students shave heads for funds

Friends raise money for children’s cancer charity by pledging to go bald Two students are fundraising for children with cancer with the promise...

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ATEC alumni developing innovative RPG

Two alumni who are creating a new video game, “Popup Dungeon,” launched a Kickstarter campaign April 3 to raise funds to develop their...

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User experience org fuses tech, design, interactivity

Behind every electronic screen, there’s a team of designers, architects and engineers perfecting a seamless experience for consumers. Students have taken notice and...


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