Day: August 22, 2004


Women seek three-peat as division champs

With a third straight division championship in its crosshairs, the UTD women’s soccer team has high expectations as it opens the 2004 season...


Almost famous, somewhat planned

When most people dream about Friday night entertainment to wind down the work week, local residents Justin Conji, Justin Kripaitis, Nick Rodriguez, Sean...


Sall named dean of libraries

Flight enthusiast and historian Larry D. Sall recently ascended to dean of libraries, becoming UTD’s 11th dean in the process. After directing the...


Margaret McDermott presented most prestigious UT System award

The UT System recently bestowed its highest honor, the Santa Rita Award, upon UTD philanthropist Margaret McDermott, making her the fourth such recipient...


Duke program gives pre-med perspective

For many summer interns, “It’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows, no one owns a piece of my time,” but the...


UTD set to debut volleyball

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the opening of UTD, but 20 years from now 2004 may best be remembered for a...


Goal Driven

One goal away from winning the conference championship a year ago, the UTD men’s soccer team has its sights set on returning to...


New orgs bring fresh wave of innovation

With the beginning of a new semester, new organizations pop up like spring flowers at UTD, even in the fall. <strong>The Atheists and...


Female attacked in Waterview assault

A female student was assaulted in her Waterview apartment Aug. 9 according to the UTD Police. The student opened the door to a...


‘Doom 3’ more of the same hellish nightmare

When “Doom” was first released by Id Software in the early ’90s, it set a new benchmark for first-person shooters with stellar graphics,...


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