New orgs bring fresh wave of innovation

With the beginning of a new semester, new organizations pop up like spring flowers at UTD, even in the fall.

<strong>The Atheists and Freethinkers’ Society</strong>

The Atheists and Freethinkers’ Society is one such organization. Computer science and software major Cam Desautels plans for his new club to become a forum for relaxed discussions.

“I want a friendly social environment where we can talk about issues concerning the atheist and agnostic community,” he said.

However, as president, Desautels makes it clear that his organization is open to the perspectives of anyone.

“It’s not meant to be a closed structure where we never challenge our own ideas. If you’re not open, you’ve given up the quest for truth,” Desautels said.

Although an official date hasn’t been set, Desautels plans on having meetings at least once every two weeks.

After posting flyers around the campus, he has approximately 20 people interested in joining.

“Our society tends to see non-believers in a negative light,” Desautels said. “I just want to let them know that there is no reason to be ashamed.”

<strong>Pi Rho Chi</strong>

Pi Rho Chi has started up as well, modeling itself in the Greek tradition.

“We’ll be able to be more creative in our approach and do more because we’ll be in charge of what we do,” said founder Eric Van Brunt.

Van Brunt plans on having a rush week after classes start back up. So far, the organization has five members.

“We want to keep things unconventional to fit UTD students and leave our mark on UTD,” said Van Brunt.

<strong>Computer Game Conference Association</strong>

Originally part of the Student Game Developer’s Association, Brian Burleson decided to form his own organization that would focus more on computer game conferences. The Computer Game Conference Association (CGCA) was the result.

“Most conferences are inconvenient and expensive,” Burleson said. “We’re making our own conferences.”

Indeed, CGCA has a conference planned for this October at UTD.

“We’ve got 30 presentations due from developers,” Burleson said.

With a conference of that size to plan, its no wonder that Burleson decided to create his own organization to support it.

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