Female attacked in Waterview assault

A female student was assaulted in her Waterview apartment Aug. 9 according to the UTD Police.

The student opened the door to a Middle Eastern male who said he wanted to meet his neighbors. The alleged assailant then forced his way in and assaulted her.

The attacker was described in a Waterview crime alert flier as a clean-shaven Middle Eastern male 5-foot-5-inches tall with a thin build, eyeglasses and dark hair.

“We’d like to remind people not to allow strangers entry into your apartment,” said Lt. Billy Talkington, supervisor of criminal investigations for UTD Police.

“If you are approached by someone you don’t know, just don’t let them in,” Talkington said.

Talkington said there have not been any further incidents and that local police agencies reported no similar attacks.

He also said that although the assault occurred almost exactly one year after the two attempted sexual assaults at Waterview Phase VIII in August 2003, there were no connections between the two.

Some Waterview residents said they appreciated being kept aware of the crime alert but were not disturbed by the announcement. They say they feel safer this year than last.

Junior business administration major Lauren Winter said, “I felt a lot worse and a lot more scared last year when some guy was just walking into girls’ apartments. I’m very cautious about who I let into my apartment, so I don’t feel threatened at all. Still, it’s really cool of (the UTD Police) to let everybody know what’s going on.”

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