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In Your Time of Need

Recent campus events underscore importance of knowing where to find support Recent events concerning the Jacob Anderson case and allegations of Chartwells mistreating...

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UTD is implementing solutions, spreading awareness of resources for sexual assault

A recent UT System-wide report on campus sexual assault prevention procedures found a low disclosure rate among victims at UTD and a lack...


Female role models key to student-athlete growth

Female coaches are an easy way for athletic departments to provide role models for female student-athletes, but it’s not the only option for...

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SG Report: December 5th

Comet Discount Program Student Government is planning to update the Comet Discount Program, which provides various deals on goods and services found within...

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Campus survey addresses sexual assault climate

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated since its original publication on 5/4/2015 SG provides support, hopes survey can fix Title IX policy...


Editorial Board: More education, discussion needed on sexual assault

UTD established an office last year to deal with reports of sexual discrimination, including sexual assault and harassment, in a way that complies...

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Title IX Confusion

Since the publication of the article “Title IX Confusion” in the March 7 issue of The Mercury, several updates from faculty, Student Government...


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