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New wind tunnel one of handful worldwide

Before Giacomo Iungo interviewed for a faculty position at UTD, he was a scientist at a Swiss university, working with one of the...

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Software to assist with navigating UTD buildings

A research team of 12 freshmen, headed by computer science professor Ravi Prakash and assisted by the Office of Information Technology, has developed...

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Researchers develop less expensive lithium batteries

UTD researchers teamed up to develop a new class of battery, proven to be efficient and long-lasting. For over a year, material science...

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Professor, research team isolate stem cells

A UTD professor and his team had recent progress in isolating cells that are believed to be the root cause of most cancers....

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Lab develops exoskeleton tech

A lab on campus is developing exoskeleton technology intended to help rehabilitate individuals who have experienced a stroke. The Locomotor Control Systems lab...

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Mercury Midday News 01/26/17

This week we discuss the role that the media plays in academia with Dr. Alex Piquero and the impact of Texas’s proposed “bathroom...


Research earns nat’l media spotlight

Alex Piquero’s work has appeared on the front page of The New York Times. It’s been lambasted in an opinion authored by Ann...

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UTD reaches Tier One status

President Richard Benson declared Dec. 21 as Tier One Day to mark UTD’s achievement in reaching Tier One status. For years, UTD administrators...

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Researchers extend phone, computer battery life

The world is one step closer to implementing alternate technology that can improve the battery life of computing devices such as phones, calculators...

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These are a few of my favorite things (pens)

With the exception of one of my classes, I tend to subscribe to the age-old practice that handwriting notes is much better than...


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