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McDermott Library adds smart rooms

The Eugene McDermott Library installed two new smartboards on the second and third floors earlier this semester, turning old whiteboards into interactive displays...

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Securing Spellbooks

When it comes to getting textbooks, there are multiple ways to do it. The campus bookstore and off-campus bookstores are more likely to...

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Success center adds study spaces

The area that used to hold the testing center is being converted into a math and science tutoring area to provide students with...

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Testing Center relocated to SP/N 2

As of December, the UTD Testing Center was relocated to Synergy Park North 2 on Synergy Park Boulevard, and has added changes to...

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SG Report

Smoking zones, gubernatorial visits and an expansion of library hours were among several issues debated at the first Student Government meeting of the...

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Library schedule extending to 24 hrs

Following a push from Student Government, the university administration has approved a proposal that will extend library hours.  The hours have not been...


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