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Political bias in media tarnishes ‘real’ journalism

As the growing political divide in this nation continues to expand its reaches, accusations against the media’s ‘fake news’ and contribution to polarization...


Editor’s Desk: Why criticism is needed

Readers role in future of The Mercury, journalism vital for success As the year comes to a close, students across campus are taking...


Ease of access to news can be mixed blessing

Ability of users to get information at any given time can lead to public more fixated on quick bites rather than substantial pieces...

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Writing, science and Oliver Sacks

My parents rarely make note of anything I write unless I bring it to their attention, but whenever they do, they remark that...

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A journalist’s oath

I’ve been a student reporter for five years now, yet as I read through Neil Henry’s “American Carnival: Journalism under siege in the...

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TIPA Adventures

This past weekend, UTD Student Media went to San Antonio for the second year in a row to attend the Texas Intercollegiate Press...

ArchivesBlogsMacchiatos and Neuroscience

‘A Rape On Campus’ as a lesson for student journalists, news consumers

As the UTD TV News Director, I spend a lot of time in the student media office reading other news publications, sitting in...


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