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On-campus health services improve ease of access

“Hi, here is a care package on behalf of the Student Wellness Center. Have a happy spring break,” said a student volunteer as...

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‘Godzilla’ the best actor in the Gareth Edwards movie

Godzilla, the “King of Monsters,” is back in a “Godzillian” way mesmerizing old seasoned fans and the new generation of kids who will...


“Beyond Right or Wrong” tells a tale of forgiveness

A young man walks up to a woman in a Rwandan village and confesses to killing her children, and then, he asks for...

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‘Universe’ exhibit debuts at gallery

MFA student uses rust, recycled materials to make asteroid-like installations Visitors to the McKinney Avenue Contemporary were led through a small hallway into...


Interests on loans too much for students

No student in America should have to forgo higher education for the lack of financial resources. There are scholarships for students offered by...

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Faculty couples thrive as co-workers

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, two married couples at UTD have found themselves in a unique position to work together. One couple who...

Opinion needs more coverage options

The new year loomed around the corner and so did the deadline to apply for healthcare insurance, which was extended to Dec. 31...

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Disabled after political violence, Zambian student fights for rights

Daniel Nsomekala sat in a wheel chair patiently waiting for the UTD 883 shuttle on a warm November morning. The bus arrived and...


Lessons from Mandela’s legacy

Working with opponents key to resolve polarized debates, enable changes It is funny how you always tend to remember where you were and...

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Ninpo Taijutsu Club trains students in mind, body

Students learn unarmed, defensive skills Ever Monday at 8 p.m., a group of students move in a line quietly in the Galaxy Rooms...


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