Hillary Clinton


‘Alt-right’ movement too ill-defined for use

The term “alt-right” came to the forefront during the 2016 election as Hillary Clinton and various media outlets connected the movement to the...


Students protest election results at downtown rally

As hundreds marched through the streets of uptown and downtown Dallas on Nov. 9 protesting the election of Donald Trump, electrical engineering senior...


Students reflect on election outcome after watch party

As the night wore on, the smiles faded off the faces of students viewing the election results at a watch party hosted by...


Obama leaves behind improved, changing country

As the presidential election winds down, the country is preparing for the inevitable beginning of a new administration and an uncertain future. But...


Editorial Board: We endorse Hillary Clinton for presidency

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate to vote for in the 2016 presidential election. She is one of the most qualified candidates to...


Politicians should be allowed to flip-flop on issues

Donald Trump is a flip-flopper. Hillary Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan are also all flip-floppers. Flip-flopping is a derogatory term...

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UTD organizations mobilize student voters for election

Correction: In a previous version of this story, Akshitha Padigela’s name was misspelled. The Mercury regrets this error. With the presidential election rapidly...


Hillary Clinton only rational choice for Sanders’ supporters

During the 2016 democratic presidential primary, I, along with many other young people, strongly supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. I continue to...


Consider third party candidates

The two party political system is something I just can’t seem to agree with. Whenever I tell people I am neither a Democrat...


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