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Sanders voters remain faithful

At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton was named the party’s presidential nominee. Some Bernie Sanders supporters, however, are not giving up...


Clinton’s nomination sets precedent for women

Women have come a long way in American politics since Victoria Woodhull became the first female to run for president of the United...


Build Your Ballot

Follow the flowchart to find who you agree with most


Study Your Candidate

Get to know the Democratic and Republican frontrunners’ platforms


Sander’s imperfect, most viable candidate

Mainstream media focuses on positives of Vermont senator, fails to mention democratic socialist’s history of imperialist foreign policy Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign...



Presidential hopefuls gear up for another race, attempt to connect with millenials As the nation prepares to cast ballots on Nov. 8, the...


Split Decision

The first Democratic presidential debate was hosted on Oct. 13. News outlets across the board gave former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the...


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