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Confucius Institute under FBI scrutiny

After an FBI threat assessment, Texas congressmen have accused a Chinese language organization, which has a location on campus, of propaganda and stealing...

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CentralTrak closed indefinitely

CentralTrak, UTD’s artist residency program, is closing after nine years of housing students and international creatives. Administrators and directors on campus are working...

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UTD lags behind in languages

Despite the benefits of learning a new language, UTD students do not have the option of majoring or minoring in a foreign language....

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Life after ATEC uncertain for graduates

Arts & technology students struggle to find desired employment, develop appropriate work portfolios from curriculum He has 12 hours left in the ATEC...


Save the Art Barn: UTD must learn value of culture, history to create community, identity found at top universities

A roaring mob of students form a wall around the Art Barn just as the wrecking ball is about to swing … OK,...


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