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A&H students, faculty look to find their place in university known for STEM fields UTD is known for its cutting-edge programs focusing on...

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ATEC split from A&H planned for fall’15

UTD President David Daniel proposes new School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication The Arts and Technology and Emerging Media and Communication programs...


Save the Art Barn: UTD must learn value of culture, history to create community, identity found at top universities

A roaring mob of students form a wall around the Art Barn just as the wrecking ball is about to swing … OK,...

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A&H to drop grad teaching program starting fall 2014

The School of Arts & Humanities has announced that it will drop its Masters of Arts in Teaching, or MAT from its graduate...

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Stitching space for A&H

Overcrowding for Arts & Humanities students will ease this fall with the opening of three new modular buildings that finished construction on Aug....


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