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Campus hideouts

There are plenty of spots in UTD that are an escape from campus on campus — you don’t need to drive or take...


Top UTD Social Media

The best way to stay updated with campus news and activities is to be engaged with social media. Here are some of the...


UTD Esports to split from Athletics

The Department of Student Affairs and Student Union Administration have recently made the decision toseparate the UTD esports program from the athletics department,...


Comet shines as esports program leader

As head coach of UTD’s official Rocket League team, accounting sophomore Daniyal Ghayasuddin has accomplished outstanding feats in the world of esports, including...

Life & Arts

Art exhibit celebrates Taiwanese artists on the autism spectrum

UTD welcomed artists and art teachers all the way from Taiwan to display their works of art on April 1 to share insight...

Life & Arts

Nasher Prize Laureate’s work on display in Dallas

Sculpture and performance artist Senga Nengudi was awarded the 2023 Nasher Prize for her powerful and meaningful art, bringing attention to the talent...

Life & Arts

Comet shines as community leader through altruism

Junior marketing major Dylan Miles has been providing homeless individuals in Houston with warm, stylish hoodies since 2021 through his brand BetOnYourself, which...


UV residents face hot water outages

Since the start of the spring semester, students residing in University Village have experienced unannounced hot water outages. Shreya Billa, a sophomore biology...


Anti-DEI bill will harm all students if passed

A Senate Bill in committee — 88(R) SB 17 — could mean the end of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as we know it...


A one person army: the sole woman in UTD’s Overwatch team

Noureen Hoq, a neuroscience and biology senior, is one of only five women in the male dominated esports department and is leading the...

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