Harika Patchipala


Grand ole Temoc

As you giddy on through the UTD campus, you might spot a certain redheaded amorphous comet. But there’s no need to quake in...


Where to grab grub

The town of Richardson has a lot of quick stops and stores for some good grub, but here are the places with the...

NewsSG Report

New SG elects speak for UTD

The 2023-2024 Student Government elections have concluded, and the students have selected the term’s executive officers. The Mercury interviewed junior computer science major...

Life & Arts

Staycation Cafe Delights

If you’re looking for a morning coffee or sweet treat, stop by Staycation Coffee for beverages and bites in a small, cozy neighborhood...

NewsSG Report

Get To Know Your Candidates

Before you vote, The Mercury put together a breakdown for all the candidates for Student Government. The deadline to vote is Wednesday, April...

Life & ArtsNews

‘Outer Banks’ new season a treasure to behold

Welcome back to the Outer Banks, where you are sure to be immersed in the continuing clash between the elitist Kooks and the...

Life & Arts

Plano boba shop offers rainbow of assorted drinks

Rainbow Teashop, a small and comfortable boba shop, accommodates all students’ taste preferences and is sure to have a delicious drink for anyone...


Leaks bring down Canyon Creek ceiling

On Feb. 2, 2023, Canyon Creek Heights South experienced flooding from rain and snow, causing unsafe living conditions for several Comets, including criminology...


Museum shows legacy of Jim Crow

The Jim Crow exhibit in Old City Park is open until Feb. 23, revealing the history behind the pre-gentrified Black community of Dallas....


UTD student, cofounder and CEO of tech startup helping drivers save gas

Junior computer science major Tom Vazhekatt balances a full college workload along with being the cofounder and CEO of his startup route optimization...

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