Plano boba shop offers rainbow of assorted drinks

Photo by Harika Patchipala | Mercury Staff

Rainbow Teashop, a small and comfortable boba shop, accommodates all students’ taste preferences and is sure to have a delicious drink for anyone visiting while also introducing them to unique and colorful flavors.

Just a seven-minute drive from campus, their Plano location has been open for around a year and has a wide assortment of fruit tea, milk tea and blended drinks for students looking to try new things or find a familiar favorite. Rainbow Teashop’s “bobaristas” are more than happy to help customers decide what drinks suit their flavor palette best. Customer favorites are also displayed for those walking in, allowing them to try unique choices like Yakult, a creamy light yogurt drink, or a stronger Vietnamese coffee. The Plano location is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., accommodating busy student schedules and allowing customers to soak in the ambience in both the night and daytime. 

The prices range from $4.50 to $9.00, depending on the choice of customizations. A regular milk tea at $4.50 is on the lower side of Rainbow Teashop’s price range, but once you start adding on their tempting egg puddings ($0.75) and cheese foams ($1.00), your total at the register might start to increase. The quality of the drinks, however, justifies the prices and will have you coming back for more.

There are more than 30 different flavors of teas at this location, and the assortment is definitely something to keep an eye out for. Rainbow Teashop offers milk tea in flavors you might not even be familiar with, such as hot minty chocolate, Okinawa milk tea and kumquat tea. This shop is perfect for those into crazy flavor combos.

Coffee lovers looking to try something new will be delighted by the various choices of Vietnamese coffee, a renowned delicacy provided by the shop. Vietnamese coffee is known for its dark and bold flavor and how it is typically sweetened with condensed milk. Rainbow Teashop embraces the traditional roots of Vietnamese style drip-coffee while also adding a twist by integrating it with a former TikTok sensation, Dalgona coffee, a whipped sweet coffee fluff served on cold or hot milk.

Rainbow Teashop is a small and delightful pastel paradise with cute photos and art that make your eyes wander to every wall and crevice. The shop is decorated with aesthetic polaroid photos of employees and rainbow-colored designs of the shop name across the wall. The small intricacies in the art lining the walls and boards at this shop will keep you engaged for a while and showcase the dedication the staff and management put into making the shop a homely and cute environment. Cartoon-like drawings of the employees reinforce the notion that the staff are friendly and committed. The shop is adorable during day, but truly shines in the night, with white bulb lights dangling from the ceiling. Four tables for two line the side of the shop, a perfect spot for students to have a one-on-one hangout session or a short and sweet date. 

While the shop is pleasant for a quick boba run with a friend, it is not somewhere people tend to linger for longer than hour or two. The shop’s interior isn’t large and can only accommodate those who wish to sit down and talk for a little while. Still, Rainbow Teashop is perfect to quickly satisfy your cravings or introduce you to something new.

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