‘Outer Banks’ new season a treasure to behold

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Welcome back to the Outer Banks, where you are sure to be immersed in the continuing clash between the elitist Kooks and the underprivileged Pogues, as treasure produces new priorities and adventures for a group of seaside teens.

“Outer Banks” takes place in a small coastal town in North Carolina, where the opposite sides of the island house two very different standards of life. The Kooks are abundantly wealthy and typically entitled, while the Pogues work blue-collar jobs and are constantly trying to make ends meet. John B and his gang of Pogues embark on a treasure hunt to find the gold that his father went missing for. When the treasure hunt links to something even bigger, the Cross of Santo Domingo, the Cameron family works to get a step ahead and sweep the treasure from under their feet.

Seasons one and two of “Outer Banks” are rated at 85% and 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively, and it is no shocker that “Outer Banks” enchanted fans with the adventurous lifestyles of John B and his entourage. Personally, the first two seasons kept my eyes wide open; watching the venturesome teens live life on the edge had me eagerly awaiting season three so I could once again experience life vicariously through them. The show had me and other viewers dying for summer to come around. TikTok’s reception has clearly shown how fans initially fell in love with the show. Since its premiere, various “Outer Banks” inspired wardrobes and lifestyle videos have been taking over peoples’ for-you pages.

Generally, when TV shows run past a couple seasons, viewers lose interest. But “Outer Banks” consistently gives viewers content that they can’t turn away from. Some parts of the show may seem to err from the expected focus of the treasure hunt. However, these new developments are well structured and plot holes are minimal.

In this new season, the show’s members demonstrate impressive character development, as their respective problems aren’t as similar as they were in previous seasons. While some of the personality changes made me question if writers were trying to further character development a little too fast, the integration of the characters’ decisions into the plotline had me itching to see what they would do next. John B picks up on the trail of his missing father and sets out on a new journey, almost forgetting the treasure. Sarah Cameron has been rendered as a full-fledged Pogue, but old acquaintances and new fights have her teetering on the edge of Kook tendencies. 

Pope is still set on the Santo Domingo Cross, but when he and Cleo reach a dead end, he can’t seem to get treasure off his mind. JJ and Kiara deepen their friendship, yet the pairing seems experimental and a bit clumsy given the history between them was never too deep before season three. The progression of relationships is not on par with past actions and personalities exhibited by characters.

Plot developments concerning treasure in the third season feel like a less-than-subtle strategy to further characters’ storylines, even though it ties into the Cross and its origin. While the buildup of the Cross is brought to an abrupt end, it is up to viewers to decide if the new treasure is there to continue the treasure-hunting story or aid a certain relationship with John B.

Fittingly, as the adventure gets more precarious, as do the action sequences. Motorcycle stunts, train robberies and plane crashes put viewers not just on the edge of their seat, but scooting toward the TV.

The conclusion of this season left me satisfied, feeling as if there’s no need for continuation. But the prospect of the Pogues either dropping treasure hunting or making it a lifestyle will definitely reel me back in again for the fourth season.

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