Student Assaulted

Richardson Police notified UTD Police on Feb. 12 that a female student was sexually assaulted at Point North Park.

According to an email sent out to students, faculty and staff by UTD Police Chief Larry Zacharias, the student reported that she turned into the parking lot at the park, located about a block away from campus on Synergy Park Boulevard, when she heard a strange noise from her car. She got out to check the noise and use the restroom.

According to the email, the assault occurred while she was in the restroom.

According to statistics from the Richardson Police, this was the first sexual assault in the city reported this year. There were only four sexual assaults reported last year in Richardson.

Currently, no description of the suspect is available.

UTD Police are requesting that if anyone has any information on the incident that they call them at 972-883-2222.

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