20 Shades of Hot Chocolate

Alright so you’re iced in. Now what? You can pretend to be using these days off to do homework but we all know you’re binge watching some Netflix show and staring into your pantry hoping food will appear.
Well stare a little further into the depths of your cabinet and pull out that package of Hot Cocoa that your grandmother gave you a year ago. We’re going to make it actually taste good.


1. Throw some actual chocolate in it. M&Ms, chocolate chips, whatever you’ve got. Making it more chocolate-y is always a safe bet.

2. Find those candy canes you never ate and stick that bad boy into the hot mug of sortof chocolate you just made. Now drink and pretend it’s a peppermint mocha from Starbucks.

3. Cinnamon. Good old cinnamon will always take your Swiss Miss to the next level.

4. Everything tastes better with Nutella and cocoa is no exception. Grab a spoonful and stir it right in for a mug of deliciousness.

5. My personal favorite thing to go with chocolate is good old peanut butter. Do what you did with the Nutella and stir some right in.

6. For you coffee drinkers out there, add some hot coffee into the mix for a slightly caffeinated version.

7. Or, also for you coffee lovers, use those creamers you have on hand and add it to the hot chocolate. Any flavor will do.

8. Marshmallows. Either the actual ones or just the fluff, this is pretty much the only thing they’re good for so go all out.

9. Got a sweet tooth? Stir some honey in. Bonus points if you use an actual chunk of honeycomb.

10. ROLOS. Dear lord it’s good. Throw some of those caramel candies everyone forgets about into the bottom of the cup before making your drink and you’ll thank me later.

11. If creamy is what you’re going for but you don’t have milk on hand, a scoop of ice cream will do. Just make sure your cocoa is pretty hot first, but not to the point of boiling.

12. Whipped Cream. Duh.

13. Maple syrup. Also for those with a sweet tooth, but let’s be real, you need a sweet tooth for any of these. Stir some Mrs. Butterworth’s in and enjoy the sugar high.

14. Not condoning this one, but apparently some people enjoy a little spice in their cocoa. Throw some hot sauce or a habernero pepper in if you’re one of those crazy people.

15. Ice cream syrups or Nesquik. Caramel, chocolate, strawberry, take your pick. These work well in cocoa and are a nice throwback to childhood. Even better if you do the right thing and make your hot cocoa with milk.

16. Coconut milk, on the off chance that you have some, pour a bit in for that perfect Mounds flavor.

17. Get fancy. Sea salt has been added to all sorts of desserts recently, so why not your cocoa? Combine it with caramel to really elevate your palate.

18. Mint and chocolate. Again, not about this but a lot of people are. Make it taste like an Andes with a either mint leaves or an actual Andes, and enjoy a side of fresh breath with your concoction.

19. Orange zest. It’s easier than you think and it’ll make it taste like one of those fancy chocolate oranges but way cheaper and warm.

20. If all fails (and you’re 21) some Bailey’s in your cocoa will make your day that much better. You shouldn’t be driving on the ice anyways.

And there you have it. Stay warm and enjoy!

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