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Green campus in reach, if only sprinklers reached green grass

CLARISSA POLLACK Art and performance senior | 0 comments The rainy weather of late has helped our area out of drought. Fields are greener than they’ve...


Surveillance helps keep country, individuals safe

A lone gunman besieged Los Angeles International Airport on Nov. 1, opened fire on a TSA officer and killed him. In addition to...


404 Page Not Found: University erases Ulbricht

The University of Texas at Dallas is attempting to shove Ross Ulbricht down the memory hole. Official university pages that reference the accused...

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From freshman to graduate: Six-year Comet offers advice to newcomers

I first stepped foot on UTD soil in 2007 as an 18-year-old kid with a slight interest in mathematics and computers. At the...


$1,000 rebate, easy money for needy seniors

At the end of July, AffordableCollegesOnline.org published a study revealing the colleges in Texas that provide the best return on investment. UTD placed fifth out...


UTD must aim high, yet forge unique identity

For several years, administrators, student leaders and others have made sure that UTD’s excellence is known by dubbing it the “MIT of the...


Students should take pride in UTD

[quote text_size=”medium” author=”Joseph Manusco”] Ask nearly any student you meet and they would happily rant endlessly about the shortcomings of the university…other than...

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It’s up to Americans to aid the citizens of Iran

Every day I wake up and I take a thousand things for granted. I forget that not everyone everywhere is free, like I...

Letters to the EditorOpinion

Reader’s Opinion

As a rebuttal to the graphic titled “Human rights are SO two hours ago:” Changing your Facebook profile in order to raise awareness...


Oh, for Namesake!

With a last name like Dang, you get to meet a lot of creative people, or at least people who like to think...


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