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If you haven’t already heard of this, conscious capitalism is a thing. For almost a decade, companies have been throwing around corporate social...

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Liver damage

At its very basic, food is for survival. Then, if your wallet’s thick enough, you could argue that food can be a delicacy. The...

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Agree to disagree?

Have you ever gone to bed with thoughts whirring through your head, and realized that you can’t shut them out anyway? Activist voices...

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The abnormal “normal”

Normal isn’t really a yardstick by itself. It’s a standard we create based on a stereotype. In conversation, we’ll often hear people saying...

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A sugar flood, no Noah’s Ark

It’s freezing out here in Dallas, and several hot cups of tea later, I’m still not quite unfrozen. While I’m here, trying to...

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Changing the urban-scape

This past week, the sunshine and lovely weather in Dallas got me out a lot more, and as I walked down the sidewalk,...

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Rome’s nod to world’s oldest profession

This past week, the news covered tons of stuff, rehashed some old feuds (Ukraine, for instance), updated us on some others, wars raged...

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Hostage hindrance

The world waited with bated breath as a new crisis evolved in the war against ISIS. You might be tired of the group...


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