Attend the Summer Org Fair, whoever you are!

Photo by Andre Averion | Mercury Staff


The Summer Organization Fair isn’t just for freshmen — every available student should be attending while it’s around!

This summer-long event in the Visitor’s Center, traditionally a part of the freshman orientation experience, provides students with a unique opportunity to talk with dozens of clubs at a time, which is perfect for any student looking to make friends, get involved, or learn more about campus, early on.

However, while it’s aimed for freshmen, it’s certainly not restricted to them. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduates should take a look around too if they’re in town this summer. With the University in full-swing on in-person operations, organizations that had been hit hard by the pandemic are starting to rise up and recover, providing students who attended university virtually for most of their academic careers, the perfect opportunity to meet with these clubs in person.

Some students might feel inclined to use the redesigned student organization website to research clubs; after all a student could look through more clubs from the comfort of their home. But while this might be good to get preliminary information on organizations, there is a distinct difference between interacting with the clubs you’re interested in real life and just scrolling on a website. The website often might host outdated or old club information and is often bare in information outside socials. Actually meeting, talking, and asking questions to members who are a part of these clubs would be more beneficial for interested students trying to decide whether or not to join. Not to mention, organizations boothing often have all of their latest information organized in informational flyers, trifolds, or brochures. And with dozens and dozens and dozens of organizations all in one spot, the Org Fair makes it easy to interact.

Upperclassmen shouldn’t feel embarrassed to attend the Summer Organization Fair — it’s a learning experience for everyone and a casual event that serves to benefit students. These clubs could be the next step in social or academic advancement, and some might even find employment or future friends at the fair if they’re looking for it. Organizations are actively looking for new members and welcoming anybody interested, and for students already enrolled this can fill in the void that Covid-19 caused for all of us, it’s worth visiting before the bustle of the fall semester begins. So, stop on by, on June. 21, June. 24, July. 8 and Aug. 17 at the Visitor Center.