Day: August 21, 2023

Life & Arts

UEMR introduces new paramedic course

The University Emergency Medical Response, or UEMR, program is launching a new Paramedic course in fall 2023, three years after the creation of...

Life & Arts

Study, Escape,Sleep, Repeat

Campus life can be busy and overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it to experience some peace. There are many...

Life & Arts

Heart-stopping modern queer love stories enter mainstream media

Heartwarming and genuinely joyful, “Heartstopper” season 2 seemingly brings the graphic novel characters straight off the page and onto the screen. Enriched with...


A win for sports, is a win for UTD

Despite recent successes in academic fields, UTD faculty have expressed skepticism about our university’s burgeoning sports identity. But why see it as a...


SAG strikes could herald turning point for creatives and just compensation

Long gone are the days of Blockbuster and in came the era of Netflix and Hulu. As these streaming giants quickly began dominating...


Poor parking and transportation on campus isn’t only UTD’s doing

For many students, commuting to school is a great option to save money, but in recent years, it’s often felt like the savings...



UTD baseball alumnus and NCAA DIII Board of Governors Representative Isaiah Swann was invited to the White House on June 12 to celebrate...


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