Isaiah Swann

UTD baseball alumnus and NCAA DIII Board of Governors Representative Isaiah Swann was invited to the White House on June 12 to celebrate College Athletics Day.

52 national championship teams and many other NCAA officials made a trip to the nation’s capital for an annual tradition set in 1865 by President Andrew Jackson. For the first time in American history, all three NCAA divisions were welcomed at the event, including Swann in part of his unique role as the 2023 NCAA DIII Board of Governors representative. The 2020 neuroscience alumnus offers a student perspective for the Board of Governors and aids in various DIII related matters such as branding and mental health.

“It was kind of a surreal experience in many ways to be that close to the White House [and] to Vice President Harris, and it was really just great to hear her talk, to hear President Baker talk and to hear Logan Eggleston talk from UT volleyball,” Swann said. “It was a great experience overall. I’m really grateful for it and I know that the student athletes really enjoyed it as well.”

Swann recounts the event as a chance to meet and greet various athletes, coaches and NCAA professionals. It was an honor highlighted through the address presented by NCAA president Charlie Baker and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“On the White House lawn, the student athletes themselves got to meet Vice President Harris and the first gentleman of the United States, but we did not,” Swann said. “We just talked to student athletes and some different university presidents and athletic directors.”

Swann played men’s baseball for the UTD Comets between 2017 and 2020 and was one of the most recognized baseball players in his conference starting his freshman year. His standout career would continue through his sophomore year, but an early-season injury ended his junior year playability, which would then be cut short in his senior year by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, during his time as a student, he was also a part of the university’s and the NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committees, as well as the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports.

Today, Swann is enrolled at the University of Virginia Medical School, pursuing both his M.D. and Ph.D. in the field of neuroimmunology. However, he is excited at the news that UTD will be moving into Division II at the Lonestar Conference and cannot wait to see where the next generation of baseball players will go.

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