Day: February 27, 2023

Life & Arts

#VOICED tackles social issues, represents social media generation

UTD seeks to bring awareness to the polarizing discussion around social media through “#VOICED,” a multimedia play written by Janelle Gray and directed...

Life & Arts

Minor focused on African American and African Diaspora Studies promotes equity on campus

A year has passed since the institution of the African American and African diaspora studies minor, or AAADS, which has provided a platform...

Life & Arts

Speakers and Musicians Commemorate Black History Month

The UTD Multicultural Center concluded Black History Month on Feb. 23 with the annual Big Dinner, an event that combined good food with...

Life & Arts

Crow museum flexes UTD connections

As construction on the Athenaeum continues on the southeast side of campus, the Crow Museum of Asian Art unveiled two new exhibits at...

Life & ArtsThe Fix

The Fix: Karmic Grounds

No student should miss out on Karmic Grounds, a triple threat cafe with the perfect study ambience, hangout spot and high-quality coffee and...

Life & Arts

King Of Chomp Delights Comets

Campus life can be a monotonous, a seemingly endless cycle of lectures, classes and exams. After weeks of watching the campus squirrels for...

Life & Arts

A Day In The Life: Tobor

It’s no secret that students adore the sight of Starship delivery robots on campus, but what exactly do these robots do from the...


UTD needs better social life

Comets often complain that UTD is largely a commuter school and lacks a social life compared to other Texas universities. However, both the...


Free resources for students

Students should be more aware of free campus resources to help with — and potentially prevent — midterm burnout. By the time you’re...


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