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Students should be more aware of free campus resources to help with — and potentially prevent — midterm burnout.

By the time you’re reading this, it’s already week seven or eight of the spring semester. We may be halfway done, but before we get to that sweet spring break vacation, we need to make it through midterm season. Before you give up, however, remember that campus provides a plethora of student services aimed to promote mental health and educational values. Students should look into the Student Success Center, tech support and Student Counseling Center for support.

The Student Success Center is the poster department for student support, helping students excel since 2012. Located in the basement of the library next to the coffee shop, students can receive tutoring, work with guided study groups and even receive coaching on developing learning strategies. At the very least, students can utilize the Writing Center to improve their essays — and unlike ChatGPT, you won’t get in trouble. Any student wanting to better their GPA should schedule an appointment, and even if you don’t have time in your busy schedule, consider looking into their online study resources. Most importantly, you will be receiving support from students who have been through the same classes, making them a prime source of advice.

While most students might be directed to the Testing Center to take exams, some students will be taking quizzes or exams from home. This is jeopardized by technical difficulties. We have all experienced faulty internet, but when a software or hardware problem strikes a few minutes before a time sensitive assignment, panic is sure to follow. Consider getting your laptop, tablet or computer checked out for free at the Student Union Techknowledgy Bar, or if you have time, you can get repairs at the HiED Tech Store in the University Bookstore

Our technology isn’t the only thing vulnerable to burning out. Your mental health is crucial to your GPA and academic performance. 91% of students feel overwhelmed nationally when it comes to balancing student life with both professional and personal life. There is never enough time, expectations are high and some students feel like a perfect 4.0 GPA is more important than their wellbeing. What some students don’t recognize is that taking the time to improve their mental health results in better grades. The Student Counseling Center provides 15-minute consultations to help students promote better mental health, and the Student Wellness Center supports students’ general wellbeing.

Of course, if you’re struggling with classes, you can also talk to your professor. No pride is lost in going to their office hours for guidance, and besides, professors like talking about the field where their passions lay. You might even gain a new admiration for the subject that previously caused you stress.

Make the most of your time and use these resources before or after midterms. It’s already included in your tuition, and who would say no to a better GPA for free?


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