Day: September 19, 2022


Rainbow Coalition demands swifter action against Farage

On Sept. 12 students gathered in protest against Dr. Timothy Farage and the lack of repercussions seen after the two month investigation that...


Alzheimer’s Month Q&A

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and UTD is a hotbed for both Alzheimer’s related research and activism. Denise Park is the Founding Director...


Biden loan forgiveness plan promises debt relief

Days after the fall semester started, President Biden announced a student loan forgiveness plan that could alleviate the debt of millions of Texans....


Comics: 09/21/2022

Student Art Showcase


Student draws against world chess champ Magnus Carlsen

Economics sophomore Ivan Schitco made history at an international chess tournament when he achieved a draw against chess world legend Magnus Carlsen. Schitco...

Life & Arts

C-Drama Lends Solace to Singles In Cuffing Season

With internships already recruiting for next summer’s precious few slots and on-campus research labs needing pages-long of achievement-ridden CVs, college students in the...

Life & Arts

“The Invitation” should be cordially declined

If you like being beaten bloody by ham-fisted themes and unoriginal social commentary, then “The Invitation” is for you. Like in many stories,...


‘RateMyProfessor’; useful metric? Or just plain mean?

Since 1999, the website RateMyProfessor has allowed University students to anonymously review their teachers in an public online forum. Since its creation, the...

Life & Arts

UTD honors sculptor

Is it a character out of your worst nightmare or Gandhi with elephant feet? The sculpture that mysteriously appeared in front of McDermott...


New University Catholic Center Opens

Sounds of laughter emanate through the air as a group of students emerge through the double doors of a new building located across...


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