Day: June 20, 2022


UTD Esports program to add VALORANT team and new academy teams

UTD Esports added a “VALORANT” team and a new “academy” system for supporting more organized esports play for more students. The latest game...

Curious ComentsNews

What are these hooked posts for by the gazebo?

Have a hammock? Well, UTD has hammock stands you can hang your hammock up on and nap in this summer. Associate Director of...


Attend the Summer Org Fair, whoever you are!

The Summer Organization Fair isn’t just for freshmen — every available student should be attending while it’s around! This summer-long event in the...


Cuphead TV series disappoints, clashes with original content

Netflix and Studio MDHR might be drinking from the same cup, but the 2017 game and 2022 TV series have very different ideas...


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