Day: May 31, 2021


Welcome Wire

Dear incoming Comets, It’s been a crazy year and a half. But you already know that: you’ve had to navigate mass quarantines, virtual...


Presidential Letter

Dear UT Dallas Class of 2025, Congratulations on your admittance to the University of Texas at Dallas! We are honored to have you...


The Great Temoc

As you stroll down the vast corridors of UTD, you might catch glimpses of a mysteriously inviting and charismatic, blue-skinned comet gesturing at...


Bucket list

Getting involved with school traditions and taking part in some of the things that make UTD special can boost your school spirit and...


Feelin’ good

After spending 14 months cooped up in our homes and attending class from the comfort of our bedrooms, the thought of going back...


Academic Assistance

UTD’s Student Success Center (SSC) offers a variety of programs to support students in their academic journey. Here is a list of a...


Wise Counsel

If you’re having mental health difficulties – like many of us after a year in a pandemic – remember that you can lay...


The Grublover’s Journal

During your first year as a college student, it is often overwhelming finding the time to cook meals. If you commute, time may...


Exploring Majors

If you’re unsure about your major, UTD has an advising wing dedicated just for you! The Exploratory Advising Office, working in tandem with...

Life & ArtsOrientation

Campus Hideouts

After spending the better part of a year doing school from home, you may be looking for the opportunity to conduct work outside...


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