Campus Hideouts

“The brand-new Sciences Building has something for everyone”. Photo by Anna Phengsakmueang | Photo Editor


After spending the better part of a year doing school from home, you may be looking for the opportunity to conduct work outside of your normal living quarters. If so, you’re in luck – UTD is replete with superb study spaces.

First and foremost, the brand-new Sciences Building has something for everyone. It’s got tons of usable nooks and crannies to escape the hustle and bustle of campus, plush and extremely comfortable chairs scattered throughout, if you’re lucky enough to grab one, and a snack market downstairs for a brief nutrition break.

Plus, SCI is conveniently located near the freshman dorms for those living on campus, making it an easy second home for the studious first-year. And on a nice autumn day, the tables and benches outside the building represent an excellent opportunity to soak in some vitamin D while finishing off an essay or problem-set.

The Eugene McDermott Library, reopening June 1, is – like most libraries – another great haunt for students and book-lovers alike, although UTD has not yet announced when the library will return to 24/7 operations. Be sure to check out the special collections – with topics running the gamut from stamps to horticulture – between study sessions!

The Student Union is home to food venues and classrooms alike. Centrally located to campus, it’s a great place to meet a classmate for a group project or a quick bite to eat. It also houses the Student Media office, which is a swell study spot…so if you’re considering joining Student Media, count that as one more reason to join!

But what truly awesome study spot is known to everyone on campus? When you get to UTD in the fall, wander through the buildings on campus and get the lay of the land. Familiarity with campus will save you time scrambling to find the location of future classes, and you may just find your own special study spot along the way.

A sneak-peek of the Student Media office. Photo by Anna Phengsakmueang | Photo Editor